Big changes at The Beauty Parlour

As many of you are aware, big changes are happening at The Beauty Parlour in Carleton Place. After many years in this location I will be relocating my shop to Almonte, ON. I am very excited about this move to Almonte as I believe the new location will be really beautiful and also peaceful. In addition, I will be able to provide better and more comfortable service.

The new address will be 348 Honeyborne Street in Almonte, Ontario. The new shop will be opening Monday 2 October 2017. We will be emptying the old shop  on Bridge Street in Carleton Place starting Friday morning 29 September 2017. I am taking the day off to get the transition in place. Plan on coming to the new address starting Monday 2 October.

You can park in our driveway, also on the road. If you need any assistance just call or text as the phone number is the same, 613-913-7749.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!


One thought on “Big changes at The Beauty Parlour

  1. I am a relatively new client …I am a senior who has always had one hair concern or another…now the concern is difficult grey hair…not enough to let it go – but too much to leave untouched….Darlene is soooo good at controlling “the wires”…her new salon is so comfortable yet elegant.

    I highly recommend her…It is worth the trip to Almonte!


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