A quick look at the new shop

Here are a few pictures of the new shop in Almonte, ON. Things are shaping up nicely. We still need to get the blinds installed and one more metal stand for products. Then we are very close to being finished. We also have some professional pictures coming to add to the website.

The new shop is very bright and has a fancy new hair washing sink. We invite you to come in and have a look.

We have moved to 348 Honeyborne St. in Almonte ON. It is so new that google maps doesn’t have us located yet. If you find the Tim Hortons and Shoppers Drug on Ottawa St. in Almonte you are almost there. Turn onto Sadler and turn RIGHT on Honeyborne. We are just down on the right.

Come in for a visit. And keep The Beauty Parlour in mind for all your hair cutting, colouring and styling needs.

2 thoughts on “A quick look at the new shop

  1. Well, it took me 57 years of being experimented on by many hairdressers but I FINALLY, FINALLY, found the perfect hairdresser!!!! Darlene is UNBELIEVABLE!!! The color is consistently amazing. The cut is also consistently amazing! I always get tons of compliments on both cut and color. Darlene’s new shop in Almonte is not only stunning but relaxing and comfortable. I recently explained to her, rather assertively, that now that I found her she can never quit or retire EVER!!! I travel from Perth to Almonte to see Darlene, but as most girls know, once you find someone as perfect as this incredible hairdresser, you would drive almost anywhere to get that perfect cut and color!!!!!


    1. Thank you Kelly. I really appreciate your compliments. Would you be willing to say this on google for me? If so – type in the google search bar “hair styling Almonte” and enter and a box will open. At the top is a map and below it will be some salons. Mine should be on the list so click on it. It will then open a box to the right with more specifics on my salon. Scroll down a little and there will be a button “Write a Review.” Click that and add your review. Thank you. Any questions please ask:-)


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